Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where computer science and business meet

Data mining is taught very differently at engineering schools and at business schools. At engineering schools, data mining is taught more technically, deciphering how different algorithms work. In business schools the focus is on how to use algorithms in a business context.

Business students with a computer science background can now enjoy both worlds: take a data mining course with a business focus, and supplement it with the free course materials from Stanford Engineering school's Machine Learning course (including videos of lectures and handouts by Prof Andrew Ng). There are a bunch of other courses with free materials as part of the Stanford Engineering Everywhere program.

Similarly, computer science students with a business background can take advantage of MIT's Sloan School of Management Open Courseware program, and in particular their Data Mining course (last offered in 2003 by Prof Nitin Patel). Unfortunately, there are no lecture videos, but you do have access to handouts.

And for instructors in either world, these are great resources!

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