Saturday, May 08, 2010

Short data mining videos

I just discovered a short set of videos (currently 35) on different data mining methods on the StatSoft website. This accompanies their neat free online book (I admit, I did end up buying the print copy). The videos show up at the top of various data mining topics in the online book. You can also subscribe to the video series.

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Unknown said...

I browsed through some of the online book and think it is a great resource. While I do have the print copy of "Data Mining for Business Intelligence" it is helpful to have an online resource where I can search by topic and get a different view of things. I found the chapters I read to be very easy to understand and they were a great compliment to the book I already have. I think this online book is definitely a resource you should highlight and recommend to your students. This book also has a nice chapter that highlights different overall aspects of data mining, I especially liked the comparison to the six sigma model and think that is a clever way to explain data mining. Also, for those who have not taken a statistics class in awhile I found the elementary concepts chapter a great refresher. It is really helpful to have a high level aggregation of such information in one location.