Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Webcast on Analytics in the Classroom

Tomorrow at 11:00 EST I will be giving a webcast describing several term projects by MBAs in my data mining class. Students have been working on real business projects in my class for 4 years now, with many of the projects leading to important insights to the companies who provided the data (in most cases the students' workplaces).

For each of several cases I will describe the business objective; we'll look at the data via interactive visualization using Spotfire, and then examine some of the analyses and findings.

The webcast is organized by Spotfire (now a division of TIBCO). We have been using their interactive visualization software in classes via their b-school education outreach program.

To join the webcast tomorrow, please register: Analytics in the Classroom- Giving today's MBA's a Competitive Advantage, by Dr. Galit Shmueli, Univ. of MD

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