Thursday, November 30, 2006

SAS Enterprise Miner

Last week Lori Rothenberg from SAS Higher Education visited our MBA class. She gave a 1-hour tutorial on SAS Enterprise Miner, which is the data mining software package by SAS. This is a pretty powerful tool, especially when dealing with large datasets. One of the nicest features of SAS EM is the "workspace", which displays a diagram of the entire modeling process, from data specification, through data manipulation, modeling, evaluation, and scoring.

Aside from software training, Lori described several real data mining projects, and how they were able to add value to the businesses. This further supports the course effort to emphasize the power of data mining in the business intelligence context.

The SAS Higher Education group offers tutorials, workshops and other resources (e.g., summer programs) to instructors - most of these are free! We've had a great experience with them.

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Abhinav said...

E miner is a little complex to use, but i found a good substitute (infact better).
SPSS Clementine has a better user interface compare to E Miner although it lacks techniques like SVM and Naive Bayes but u can always add them using its programmable interface.

More over u can add a stream file from SAS to SPSS