Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You can't escape Bayes...

My students are currently studying for a quiz on classification. One of the classifiers that we talked about is the Naive Bayes classifier. On Saturday evening I received a terrific email from Jason Madhosingh, one of my students. He writes:

So, I'm taking a break from studying this evening by watching "numb3rs", a
CBS crime drama where a mathematician uses math to help solve crimes (go
figure). Of course... he brings us Bayes theorem. There truly is no escape!

And as a visualization junkie, I was also thrilled about his last comment "They also did a 3D scatterplot"!

I guess I'll have to check out this series - does anyone have it taped? From the CBS website it looks like I can even get early previews as a teacher...

Teachers can opt in to order a Teaching Kit including a specially designed classroom poster, and can view the new classroom activities coordinated with each show episode on this website, a week prior to the show.

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Anonymous said...

Numb3rs even has a biosurveillance episode =)