Friday, March 31, 2006

Data mining courses in MBA programs

Data mining and advanced data analysis courses are becoming more and more popular in B-schools. I asked colleagues about such electives in their universities, and also did some web- searching. It looks like different courses range in topics and flavor, depending in many times on the instructor's field of expertise (statistics, operations research, information systems, marketing, machine learning, etc). But all courses typically revolve around real business applications.

Here's an initial list that I've composed (alphabetical in School name). I hope that others who teach or are taking such courses will add to the list. Links to syllabuses are also welcome. This can be a gerat resource for instructors (sharing information, material, experiences, etc.) as well as for MBA students!

Business Schools

Fuqua School of Business, Duke: Data Mining (MGRECON 491)

Indian School of Business (ISB): Business Intelligence Using Data Mining (update by R Bapna)

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University: Data Mining (K513) Syllabus

Lundquist College of Business, U of Oregon: Information Analysis for Managerial Decisions (DSC 433/533) syllabus

McCombs School of Business, UTexas at Austin: Data Mining (MIS 382N.9)

Robert H Smith School of Business, U of MD College Park: Data Analysis for Decision Makers (BUDT733) syllabus

Sloan School of Management, MIT: Data Mining (15.062)

Stern School of Business, NYU: Data Mining and Knowledge Systems (B20.3336)

Tepper School of Business, CMU: Mining Data for Decision Making (45-863)

Wharton School, UPenn: Decision Support Systems (OPIM-410-/672)

Online courses:

Cardean Online University: Data Mining (EIMA 714) online courses: Intro to Data Mining and Data Mining 2


Anonymous said...

A great post. Thanks Prof. Shmueli

Galit Shmueli said...

Thanks Rahul. Looking forward to seeing you in our own data mining course (BUDT733)!

Ravi Bapna said...

Galit, I taught the Business Intelligence Using Data Mining during Term 7 (Jan/Feb 2006) at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.

Ravi Bapna

Galit Shmueli said...

Ravi - Thanks for expanding the horizons beyond the US! It is indeed important to realize that data mining is becoming a hot topic in the MBA program globally.

Is this course going to be offered on a regular basis? If so, I will update the list. If you have a course description or syllabus, I can attach it.