Friday, October 09, 2009

SAS On Demand: Enterprise Miner -- Update

Following up on my previous posting about using SAS Enterprise Minder via the On Demand platform: From continued communication with experts at SAS, it turns out that with the EM version 5.3, which is the one available through On Demand, there is no way to work (or even access) non-SAS files. Their suggestion solution is to use some other SAS product like SAS BASE, or even SAS JMP (which is available through the On Demand platform) in order to convert your CSV files to SAS data files...

From both a pedagogical and practical point of view, I am reluctant to introduce SAS EM through On Demand to my MBA students. They will dislike the idea of downloading, learning, and using yet another software package (even if it is a client) just for the purpose of file conversion (from ordinary CSV files into SAS data files).

So at this point it seems as though SAS EM via the On Demand platform may be useful in SAS-based courses that use SAS data files. Hopefully SAS will upgrade the version to the latest, which is supposed to be able to handle non-SAS data files.

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